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"If I were you...": The Advantage of a Team.

To paraphrase an oft-repeated maxim: “Make sure your doctor and lawyer are younger than you.” Some clients want that to be true of their financial advisor as well. But we like wisdom and longevity. That’s one of the many reasons we work as a team. While it’s good to have a team that will be able to walk with you through each step of your financial plan, it’s also helpful to have someone who has seen more than a couple market cycles and can speak wisdom from experience.

Often, astute clients will ask the question, “if you were me, would you do what you are recommending that I do?” Depending on what stage of life our clients happen to be in, either Mark or myself are often in the same kinds of contexts as they are. So frequently, one of us finds ourselves saying, “I am in your situation, and I am doing the things that we are recommending.” It certainly helps to have an advisor who tries to understand your situation. Better still, one who lives it.


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