The Longevity Economy and Your Financial Plan

No one who leaves Kansas City headed for Denver wants to run out of gas in Limon, no offense to the Badgers.

Recently, MIT AgeLab founder and director Dr. Joseph Coughlin wrote The Longevity Economy. In this book, Dr. Coughlin brings attention to a subtle but very real fact, namely that for those of us who don’t smoke or take other reckless health risks, our chances of living past our 100th birthday are increasing. Indeed many of our clients reach their “Full Retirement Age” (FRA) in the eyes of the Social Security Administration well before they feel like quitting.

If you’re feeling at 67 how your parents felt at 57, you’re not alone. Not only are we able (and in many cases excited) to work past FRA, in many cases, there end up being more years to plan for than the most liberal estimates originally allowed for. This is why we encourage many of our clients to plan through their 100th birthday. Your financial plan needs to include a strategy for your long, healthy, productive life.

Don’t run out of gas before you reach your destination.

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