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Let's Talk About You and Your Goals.

Prior to setting a complimentary introductory conversation, we ask that you complete the questions below. They help you identify goals and help us put together an accurate proposal for you. Plan on about 10 - 15 minutes to zip through them. Once we receive these we will reach out with scheduling options. 

Personal Information.

Relationship Status.
Do you have any children?

Significant Other Information.

Please fill out the information below, if applicable.


Do you know what you spend on a monthy basis?
Do you have personal debt other than a mortgage?
What are your primary financial planning goals or objectives? Check all that apply.

Company Benefits.

Do you or a spouse/significant other have any of the following types of benefit plans? Check all that apply.

Real Estate and Mortgages.

Do you own a home?
Do you have a mortgage?
Do you own a rental properties?


When you add up values for all savings, investments, and retirement accounts you have approximately?
Which types of investments do you own? Check all that apply.
What is your primary investment objective?
Are you currently working with an investment advisor?
Are you looking for a firm to a manage your investments?


Do you own any cash-value life insurance?
Do you have long-term care insurance?
Do you have any disability insurance?
Do you need help determining what types of insurance you should own?

Retirement Readiness.

Please check off which types of retirement accounts you, and/or your spouse, have. Check all that apply.
Have you started Social Security benefits?
Have you ever worked for the federal or state government, or worked overseas?
Do you need to decide how or when to take a pension (lump sum versus annuity)?

Estate Planning.

Do you have a will?
Do you have a trust?

Life Transitions.

Is leaving assets to an heir or charity an important goal?
Have you recently experienced? Check all that apply.

Tax Planning.

Are you self-employed?
Do you prepare your own income tax return?

Talk to You Soon!

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