Together, We All Accomplish More.

Together, we all accomplish more. Utilizing the advisory practices of mentors Mark Weddle, Pat Keating, Ryan Mann and many others, we take a unique, collaborative approach to advising that encourages growth and learning for both our clients and team.

Tim Weddle.

Financial Advisor, RJFS

Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A

I’m Tim, and I get the privilege of working with a handful of amazing business owners and families, diligent everyday people. Together, we take the complex world of financial planning, and we make it simple, and actionable.

I love this job (and probably tell people that too often), because while every opportunity presents new challenges, we get to find and address common themes. The business owner who is trying to transition his business to his daughter, the couple who wants to spend more time with grandkids, the doctor who is trying to balance high income and high taxes with the high expectations of buying into a practice, all while being a present parent. They all involve complexity, but at the heart of each situation is someone who wants the freedom of time, money, relationship, and purpose. And it’s in this intersection that we are honored to serve.

You’ve heard that experience is a great teacher, and I would agree. More than 15 years in construction taught me that the whole system must work together for anything to work at all, and a financial plan is no different. Teaching Spanish at K-State showed me that students and clients share a desire for achieving specific, measurable outcomes.


One of the strengths our team has is generational leadership. A significant part of my practice has been comprised of joint work with my dad, Mark Weddle, who has been a financial advisor with Keating & Associates since day one back in 1975. Mark, like many in leadership at Keating, has been an excellent source of wisdom and mentorship. Sometimes investors ask either out loud or in their minds, “if you were in my shoes, what would you do?” The benefit of our intergenerational teamwork is that for many clients, one of us is in their shoes, and we often are doing what we are recommending they do. We also believe that it’s important for our clients to know that they can expect continuity of service as we go through life together.

When away from the office, you can usually find me traveling or enjoying different experiences with my wife and our three kids. Otherwise, I tend to keep a good book close by, and a cup of coffee even closer.

Mark Weddle - The Weddle Team
Mark Weddle.

Financial Advisor, RJFS

Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A

Since answering an ad in the local newspaper in 1975, Mark has been with Keating & Associates, working with business owners and helping them tackle their estate planning challenges. Together with Pat Keating, Mark developed an industry-leading understanding of life insurance and its business applications. One of his great professional joys has been to help business owners sell and transition their businesses without paying optional transfer taxes, all while protecting the family and the legacy they have grown together. Many of these clients have become lifelong friends.


His passion for helping families provide for each other began early in life, when in high school, he would mow lawns for neighbors and wash dishes at a nearby restaurant to help make ends meet. His story resembles those of many of our clients, which is why he can understand their situations so well. He understands that one of the greatest joys of helping to build and sustain generational wealth is the ability to positively impact the lives around oneself. One of his favorite things about working with Midwest entrepreneurs is that they always care about others more than they care about themselves. Whether it's family or friends or employees (and sometimes those lines get blurred), Mark has thoroughly enjoyed serving alongside selfless clients


Hospitable to a fault, Mark and his wife Peggy almost always have someone in their home, either for a meal or a place to stay, often both. They both enjoy serving in their local church, and are finding more time to work in their favorite job title, that of “grandparents”.

Krista Hubert - The Weddle Team
Krista Hubert.

Financial Advisor

Krista is a graduate of the Personal Financial Planning program at Kansas State University, which is where she began growing her love for the detailed world of financial planning. Prior to joining The Weddle Team as an advisor, Krista served as an Account Administrator in Investments and Financial Planner across multiple advisor teams. Her knowledge and experience in her previous roles will continue to benefit her, our team, and our clients as she takes on the complexities that many of our clients face.

Krista is passionate about helping people have a healthy outlook on their financial situation in their everyday life, and the opportunity to help clients find this financial freedom brings her the greatest joy. As a financial advisor, she looks forward to building long-term relationships with her clients, cheering them on through life’s milestones, and providing extra support when life throws unexpected things their way.

Krista is an integral part of our team and is a huge asset to our clients. Her skills in running financial plans and stress-testing against future uncertainties builds confidence for our clients as they balance planning for the future while living for the present. She is a team player and eager to help create bright futures for the clients she has the pleasure of working with.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Cayle, their daughter, Brylee, and two pups, Neko and Cova. They are typically exploring Manhattan, enjoying time on the water at Milford lake, grilling with friends and family, or cheering on the KSU Wildcats!

Kristen Burns.

Account Administrator

Kristen loves helping our investment clients with any and all investment account needs. She is responsible for opening new accounts, facilitating deposits and withdrawals, providing necessary account paperwork and disclosures, and so much more.

Kristen grew up in Aledo, Texas, just outside of Fort Worth. She moved to Kansas to attend Washburn University to play on the Women’s Soccer Team and receive her Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She loves spending time with her family and cat, Athena, and enjoys playing tennis and knitting.

Carleen Brewer.

Client Service Manager

Carleen is your first point of contact for general questions and scheduling needs. She is key to helping keep the team and tasks on track. She is always excited to help our clients in any way she can!

Carleen enjoys spending time with her family and cheering on the KC Chiefs and KSU Wildcats! She also loves being outdoors, enjoys fire pits in the fall, and gardening in the spring.

Kim Franz - The Weddle Team.jpg
Kim Franz.

Life Insurance Manager, K&A

Kim works closely with all of our life insurance clients. She will assist clients with all things life insurance such as new applications, policy holder services and general questions.