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Together, We All Accomplish More.

Together, we all accomplish more. Utilizing the advisory practices of mentors Mark Weddle, Pat Keating, Ryan Mann and many others, we take a unique, collaborative approach to advising that encourages growth and learning for both our clients and team.

Tim Weddle.

Financial Advisor, RJFS.

Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A.

Certified Exit Planning Advisor, CEPA. 

  • Tim Weddle - The Weddle Team.
Mark Weddle - The Weddle Team
Mark Weddle.

Financial Advisor, RJFS.

Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A.

  • Mark Weddle - The Weddle Team.
Krista Hubert - The Weddle Team
Krista Hubert.

Financial Advisor, RJFS.

Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A.

  • Krista Hubert - The Weddle Team.
Kristen Burns.

Account Administrator.

  • Kristen Burns - The Weddle Team.
Kim Franz - The Weddle Team.jpg
Kim Franz.

Life Insurance Manager, K&A.

Sarah Froetschner - The Weddle Team.jpg
Sarah Froetschner.

Practice Manager.

Our Values.

Every great business has a foundation beneath it, supporting everything it does. The Weddle Team was founded on core values which serve as our foundation. While our core values have evolved over the years, our commitment to them is unwavering.


We thrive on listening, learning and delivering service that exceeds expectations.

Abundance Mindset.

While grounded in discernment, we are creative, passionate people who embrace innovation and change.


We leverage our personal initiative with each other's unique abilities to enrich our relationships.

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